Info & Contact

INI Movement - INI is a creative platform. It’s Purpose is to be a collective entity that unites talented artists and a spectrum of artforms. The artists in this union inspire and support eachothers work.

INI organizes events to offer a stage to musicians and exhibition space to visual artists among other things. INI’s goal is to create unity in a multidisciplinary environment which reuslts in a spectacular experience for the ears, eyes and heart of the audience.

Besides events, INI also functions as a label and booker for producers to give them a lift forward to a broader audience.

For bookings of any of the artists, event productions, or if you are an artist of any kind or if you have any other requests or questions, feel free to mail us at any time:

If you are a musician and you'd like to send a demo, feel free to drop a sound on our Soundcloud